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Napkin turns your text into visuals so sharing your ideas is quick and effective.

How it works


Start by Pasting your text

Forget prompting, Napkin works directly from your text.


Click to generate visuals

Napkin generates the most relevant visuals based on your text, then you pick the one that best expresses what you have in mind.


Polish it up, make it yours

Napkin visuals are fully editable, so you can adjust content and style to maximize their impact.


Add or swap icons from our extensive database.


Emphasize with style, they’re smart & versatile.


Dynamic connectors that can connect anything.


Colors that always look good on light or dark mode.


Fonts kept simple: casual or formal.


Take it anywhere

Visuals created in Napkin can be used anywhere. Export them as .png, .pdf or .svg to upgrade your content.

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Use cases

Captivate your audience with auto-generated infographics, diagrams, flowcharts, and more.


Make impactful slides

Google Slides PowerPoint Keynote


Leave an impression

Medium Substack
Blog use case

Social Media

Engage your audience

LinkedIn X - ex Twitter
Social Media use case


Write easy to read docs

Google Docs Word Notion Confluence
Document user case

Don’t take our word for it.

I’ve been using to make quick illustrations for ebooks and social media posts. It’s really changed things for me by making it easy to turn complex ideas into flowcharts that everyone understands right away. I can do it all by myself, which saves a lot of time. Love it!

Himanshu S
Product Marketing Lead

Napkin effortlessly generating ideas, illustrating, and shares them with everyone. The one thing I love the most is it helps me become a better artist by taking visual notes, script and create a product demo. Keep up the good work.

Blu I
Spirit Striker Designer has a super modern and refreshing UI that makes it fun to use. The ‘Sparks’ feature lets me instantly visualize concepts and ideas with graphs and charts integrated right in my text - it’s perfect for explaining things quickly. Napkin has made my work much more organized and enjoyable.

Ankur T
Content Head

Napkin quickly condenses large/complex blurbs into neat visual diagrams very similar to those I’d draw during initial mentoring sessions with startups. Excited to see how it unfolds!

Ashay T

I use Napkin for my presentations, notes and video content creation. The generative tools, the image generation and the flow diagrams are super handy to use. Plain text notes get converted into illustrative ones in just a few seconds. I highly recommend this tool to all the content creators and educators out there.

Ashwin SP
Educator at Simplified Learning

I feel everyone regardless of the industry they work or studying in school or university should 10000000% use this tool because it’s FREE and amazing.

Dev D
Business Development Executive transformed how I manage my content writing and publishing. The visual recommendations and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable tool for me and any content curator. I’m more creative and productive with Napkin. I heartily suggest this for anyone trying to improve their content curation process.

Hiral P
Learning & Development Professional

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