Make your words visual

Just type, copy-paste or AI-generate your text and Napkin will instantly transform it into insightful visuals.


Bring clarity to your ideas with our visual AI assistant, Spark

Auto Spark
One Click,
Unlimited Creativity

Our AI-powered text-to-graphics turn your text into clear, engaging visuals to make communication quick and effective.

Spark Search
Visuals at
your fingertips

Looking for something specific? Find the perfect icon, shape and more in seconds and stay in the creative flow.

Spark Sketch
Clean lines,
Stress free

We know the mouse is the worst drawing tool! Our AI corrects your lines and suggests perfect shapes to keep your drawings clean and clear.

Video Snippets
Show Your Face,
Save Your Words

Need to make sure you're understood? Record videos in your Napkin and edit them like text. A human touch for better communication.


Edit and comment live with your teammates. Collective clarity, even miles apart.

Import / Export
Native fit for
your workflow

Drag-and-drop images with ease. Search for images and add them without leaving Napkin. Taking your visual somewhere else? Export as PDF, PNG or SVG.

Clean Design
Clear Thinking

Direct your energy to your ideas, not the tools. Context-aware options keep your workspace tidy and your creativity flowing.

Use Cases
Multiple ways
you can use Napkin
Create compelling write-ups
Make your proposals and reports irresistible with the perfect blend of text and graphics. Napkin's easy-to-understand graphics simplify complex ideas, aligning everyone for faster decision-making.
Amplify your presentations
With Napkin, you become your own visual designer, creating compelling content for presentation, social media and more. Utilize Napkin for striking infographics, diagrams, flowcharts, and more, to engage your audience.
Take easy-to-remember visual notes
Design brain-friendly notes built for you to remember, process, and revisit. Type, illustrate and annotate - all in one place.
  • Napkin makes it incredibly easy for me to document my thoughts and learnings. The visual and AI features within the platform enhance my writing, and I am constantly inspired with new ideas to showcase my findings and thoughts
    Jyothi L
    Business Growth Associate
  • Napkin is really awesome! I love it 😍
    Jackson K
    Software Engineer
  • I’ve been using Napkin for my presentations, notes and video content creation. The generative tools, the image generation and the flow diagrams are super handy to use. Plain text notes get converted into illustrative ones in just a few seconds. I highly recommend this tool to all the content creators and educators out there.
    Ashwin SP
    Educator at Simplified Learning
  • I feel everyone regardless of the industry they work or studying in school or university should 10000000% use this tool because it’s FREE and amazing.
    Dev D
    Business Development Executive
  • Napkin effortlessly generating ideas, illustrating, and shares them with everyone. The one thing I love the most is it helps me become a better artist by taking visual notes, script and create a product demo. Keep up the good work.
    Blu I
    Spirit Striker Designer
  • Napkin.ai has a super modern and refreshing UI that makes it fun to use. The ‘Sparks’ feature lets me instantly visualize concepts and ideas with graphs and charts integrated right in my text - it’s perfect for explaining things quickly. And I love the slick built-in video recording that lets me capture thoughts seamlessly. Overall, Napkin has made my work much more organized and enjoyable.
    Ankur T
    Content Head
  • This app is game changing
    Amanda H
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