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come to life
Napkin is the doc editor that makes diagramming, sketching, and illustrating as simple as typing.

One Click to
Visual Sorcery

Our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. Our AI-powered text-to-graphics turn your ideas into clear, engaging visuals and make communication quick and effective.

Sketch Flawlessly,

We know the mouse is the worst drawing tool! Our AI corrects your lines and suggests perfect shapes to keep your drawings clean and clear.

Show Your Face,
Save Your Words

Face-to-face communication triggers empathy and trust. Record video snippets in your Napkin and edit them like text. A human touch for deeper communication.

Collaborate, Effortlessly

Edit and comment live with your teammates. Collective clarity, even miles apart.

Native fit

Drag-and-drop with ease and grace, Copy-paste from anywhere, Share links or PDFs, it's all here.

Clean Design
Clear Thinking

Direct your energy to your ideas, not the tools. Context-aware options keep your workspace tidy and your creativity flowing.

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Our beta works on all desktop browsers and it’s free.